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How to interconnect the Gigabit RJ45 electrical port with the SFP optical port
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How to interconnect the Gigabit RJ45 electrical port with the SFP optical port

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GPON OLT Module (GPON Class C++)

Now that Gigabit Ethernet has become popular in a large area, Gigabit Ethernet switches are also widely used in enterprise networks, optical access networks and other scenarios. Gigabit Ethernet has two port types, RJ45 and SFP ports, which can support the highest transmission rate of Gigabit, and are also backward compatible with the transmission rate of 10/100M.

The RJ45 port is the built-in electrical port of the Gigabit Ethernet switch. The SFP port is the built-in optical port of the Gigabit Ethernet switch, so it cannot be directly connected by twisted pair or jumper. The following will introduce the interconnection between the Gigabit RJ45 port and the SFP port.

To connect Gigabit RJ45 port and SFP port, you can use Gigabit electrical port module, specification model: ES-T1-R, it is actually an interface converter, so it is also called optical port to electrical port module. Insert the Gigabit electrical port module into the SFP optical port, and then connect the Category 6 network cable to the Gigabit RJ45 port.

The Gigabit electrical port module is mainly used in the interconnection of the short-distance Gigabit RJ45 port and the SFP port. ES-T2-R), the longest transmission distance can be up to 100 meters using Category 6 twisted pair. In addition to the gigabit electrical port module, the electrical port module also has a 10 gigabit electrical port module, but the twisted pair connected to the 10 gigabit electrical port needs to be connected with a Cat6e or Cat7e network cable.

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