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How much do you know about wireless optical communication technology?
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How much do you know about wireless optical communication technology?

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10G Multiple mode

Nowadays, optical communication has been integrated into every corner of our lives. When you make a phone call, open a browser and browse the web, you are already using optical communication. But how much do you know about wireless optical communication technology? This article will take you to understand the wireless optical communication technology.

Wireless optical communication technology, namely broadband wireless transmission and access technology, is a new type of communication technology with optical wireless communication, as well as the advantages of optical fiber communication and mobile communication. Wireless optical or visible light communication technology, also known as Free Space Optical, or FSO for short, is a means of communication that does not require optical fibers.

1. Features and advantages:

1. It has the performance of optical fiber transmission. In theory, the transmission bandwidth of wireless optical communication is the same as that of optical fiber communication. Only the optical signal in optical fiber communication is transmitted in the optical fiber medium, and the optical signal in wireless optical communication is transmitted in the air medium.

2. Frequency bandwidth, high speed. At the current research stage, the peak speed can be stabilized at a transmission rate of 2.5gbit/s, and the longest distance can be transported 4 kilometers.

3. Abundant spectrum resources. The equipment mainly uses infrared light for information exchange, so there is no need to apply for a frequency license and pay a frequency occupancy fee.

4. Applicable to any communication protocol. It can be used to transmit various information such as data, voice and video through SDH, ATM, Ethernet and Fast Ethernet commonly used in communication networks.

5. Fast link deployment, flexible and convenient installation. There is no need to bury optical fibers, the construction period is greatly shortened, and various communication tasks that cannot be completed by optical fiber communication can be completed, such as ground-to-air or air-to-air communication.

6, transmission confidentiality is good. The beam is narrow and invisible, and it is directed at a receiver at the same time, so it is difficult to find a service link in the air, and the possibility of being intercepted is very small. Even if it is intercepted, the user will find out, because the link is broken.

Second, the main technology and modulation technology:

The main technologies currently used in wireless optical communication technology are mainly digital devices and wireless network cloud services, based on the deployment of light sources that can provide lighting and data transmission. There are many modulation methods available, among which the typical ones are on-off keying (OOK), pulse position modulation (PPM), differential pulse position modulation (DPPM), digital pulse interval modulation (DPIM) and so on.

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