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How much do you know about optical fiber loss?
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How much do you know about optical fiber loss?

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How much do you know about optical fiber loss?


How much do you know about optical fiber loss? Today, Yitianguang Communication takes everyone to deepen this knowledge. The following editors will explain the loss of light in fiber transmission in detail.

After the light signal is transmitted through the fiber, the intensity of light will gradually weaken. At that time, the light signal will gradually weaken. During the optical fiber transmission process, the loss of optical signals is usually called optical fiber loss or attenuation of light. The so -called loss refers to the attenuation of each unit of optical fiber, and the unit is DB/KM. In order to ensure the safe and effective transmission of optical signals, the losses of fiber need to be reduced as much as possible. So do you know what are the main factors that cause fiber losses?

Here I will explain to you in detail. There are two main factors that cause fiber fiber loss: internal factors and external factors, that is, the fiber losses and non -national fiber optic losses.

First: This symbol of fiber losses

This symbol of optical fiber loss refers to a kind of loss inherent in the fiber fiber material. There are two main factors that cause the optical fiber loss of this symbol: the scattering of light and the absorption of light.

The scattering of light is another important reason for the consumption of optical fiber. The scattering loss of optical fiber refers to the scattering of the light caused by the irregularity of the molecular level in the glass structure.

The absorption of light is the main cause of light loss caused by optical fiber transmission. This is caused by the absorption of optical energy by optical fiber materials and impurities. Therefore, the absorption of light is also known as the absorption loss of fiber fiber.

Second: non

This symbol of fiber loss, including the absorption and scattering of light, is just one aspect of the fiber loss. Non -this signs of optical fiber loss is another important reason for optical fiber loss, usually caused by the unfair treatment of optical fiber. There are two main types of non -based fiber losses: docking loss and bending loss

In the optical fiber network, the interconnection between fiber is inevitable. Fiber loss caused by continuity is inevitable, but it can be minimized by proper treatment. The selection of fiber fiber or using high -quality fiber connectors may reduce the loss caused by the continuity of the fiber.

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