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How many 10G network cabling schemes are there?
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How many 10G network cabling schemes are there?

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In the 10G network construction, we will face a choice, that is, optical fiber cabling or copper cabling. The optical fiber cabling system is divided into multi-mode optical fiber cabling system and single-mode optical fiber cabling system. The 10G multi-mode optical fiber cabling system requires the use of 10G SFP+multi-mode optical modules, 10G AOC active optical cables, multi-mode OM3 optical fiber jumpers, distribution boxes, etc. The 10G single-mode optical fiber cabling system requires the use of 10G SFP+single-mode optical modules Single mode OS2 optical fiber jumper, distribution box, etc.

Multimode optical fiber system is suitable for short distance transmission, while single-mode optical fiber system is suitable for long distance transmission. Optical fiber transmission has the advantages of long transmission distance, wide bandwidth, strong anti-interference ability, small size and light weight, but its wiring cost is high.

Both optical fiber cabling and copper cable cabling can be used as comprehensive cabling schemes for 10G networks. With the same length of optical fiber and copper cable, the price of optical fiber is 5-6 times that of copper cable, so the total cost of optical fiber cabling is much higher than that of copper cable cabling. However, the characteristics of optical fiber, such as long distance and high-speed transmission, are unmatched by copper cables.

Therefore, in general, optical fiber cabling can be selected when large bandwidth and long-distance transmission are required (such as industrial Ethernet cabling); In the case of short distance and low transmission rate (such as in buildings or corporate offices), it is more appropriate to choose copper wires, which can also be matched according to the actual situation.

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