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How is the optical module applied in the base station?
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How is the optical module applied in the base station?

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Communication tower must be no stranger to you, this article for you to introduce the communication tower under the base station and optical module in the base station application.

The communication triangle tower is composed of antennas, machine rooms, base stations, feeders and supporting equipment. The antenna is on the top of the triangle tower, and there will be a machine room under the tower. The machine room is mainly for the base station, which is the equipment for transmitting wireless signals. The base station is logically divided into two parts: BBU and RRU. RRU is responsible for sending and receiving signals, while BBU is responsible for signal processing. The feeder is used to connect the antenna and the base station, and the supporting equipment is mainly power supply and air conditioning.

In distributed site, the base station BBU and RRU work separately. RRU is hung on the tower, while BBU is placed in the machine room under the tower. CPRI protocol transmits physical layer data between BBU and RRU, which not only contains the data carried, but also contains a lot of physical layer information.

The transmission carriers connecting BBU and RRU devices are optical modules and optical fibers. In 2/3/4G networks, optical modules of 10Gbps are generally used for CPRI interfaces. In 5G networks, CPRI will be upgraded to eCPRI.

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