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How can I buy good quality light module products.SFP Module
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How can I buy good quality light module products.SFP Module

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In general, no matter what ways to choose the optical module, everyone will definitely pay attention to the compatibility and quality of the light module. So how do you choose when you buy the light module? Many consumers lack experience in choosing the light module and have no way to start at all. So today, the editor of Wuhan Geling Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on the purchase of the optical module:

1. The long -term shelf life

It is usually easy to use in poor quality products, so its warranty period is not long. If there is a problem with the product, the supplier does not have any maintenance and return services. On the contrary, if the warranty time is long, the quality of the product will be more stable and reliable.

2. Professional test process

After professional testing, it can ensure whether the light -capacity module is compatible with the original brand equipment, thereby ensuring stable performance in network operation. For example, Cisco and optical modules purchased need to ensure that it is a professional test based on Cisco switches.

3. Good reputation brand suppliers

Credit brand suppliers usually have strict quality control systems and senior OEM experiences. The raw materials they use are also very safe and can ensure stable and reliable connections in the network transmission system.

4. High -quality laser launchers

High -quality laser transmitters have high sensitivity and low attenuation to ensure that the optical module can perfectly send and receive signals.

5. High -quality metal case

A good light module must have a high -quality plated hard metal shell to ensure the endurance of repeated insertion. In addition, through strict control of the thickness of the coating to achieve excellent quality, it ensures a good connection with the equipment, while it is conducive to heat dissipation and reduce the working temperature.

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