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Have you made these mistakes when installing the fiber network?
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Have you made these mistakes when installing the fiber network?

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When installing the fiber optic network, people may make some common mistakes that are usually ignored. In this blog, we will list the most common. Hope to provide some guidance for your light network installation.

1. Single fiber module must be used in pair

The single fiber two -way light module must be matched correctly. Example: One pair of single fiber modules dock two switches. If the A switch connects the module of the TX1310/RX1550NM band, then the B -end must be a module of the TX1550/RX1310NM band. The module price of the TX1550/RX1310NM band is more expensive than the TX1310NM/RX1550NM band, because the device is more expensive. Therefore, some engineers may want to save money by using two TX1550/RX1310NM bands. But this is not possible.

2. First understand various fiber -fiber connectors.

Fiber modules use various connectors, so they must figure out the difference between them before buying products. SC is a square connector. ST is round and has a hole. The LC connector looks like a small copy of the SC connector. It is half of SC. The SFP light module usually uses an LC connector. The FC connector is threaded. Uncommon connectors include MT-RJ and E2000.

The optical fiber connector

3. Do not use the APC connector and UPC connector together

The optical fiber connection may use APC or UPC, and they are not interchangeable. The ceramic core of the fiber -end surface has physical differences (as shown in the figure below). The optical fiber cut surface of the APC is 8 degrees and UPC is 0 degrees. If the angle is different, some light will not be able to spread.

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