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H3C light module.olt zte c320
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H3C light module.olt zte c320

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The H3C light module is a domestic brand light module, which is originally produced in Hangzhou. The English name of the H3C light module is H3C Light Module, also known as the Huasanuang Module; Hangzhou Huasanyongxin Technology Co., Ltd. (H3C) is committed to the research, development, production, sales and service of IP technology and products. In 2007, H3C's sales revenue was US $ 757 million, and the taxes and fees paid nearly 800 million yuan. There are branches in 34 provinces and cities in China and overseas countries or regions. At present, there are 4,800 employees in the company, of which R & D personnel account for 55%.

The following is the main classification and explanation of the Huasanuang module:

⑴, H3C 1 × 9 packaging light module: Welding module, generally not higher than gigabit, mostly uses SC interfaces.

⑵, H3C SFF packaging light module: Welding small packaging module, generally not higher than gigabit, mostly use the LC interface.

(3) H3C GBIC packaging light module: Hot insertion extraction gigabit interface module, using the SC interface.

P, H3C SFP packaging light module: The hot -inserting small packaging module, the current maximum rate can reach 4G, mostly the LC interface.

En, H3C xenpak packaging light module: Apply to the Wanzab Ethernet and use the SC interface.

F, H3C XFP packaging light module: 10G light module, can be used in various systems such as 10G Ethernet, SONET and other systems, mostly LC interfaces.

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