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H3C Equipment Internet Bar 10G Optical Module Solution
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H3C Equipment Internet Bar 10G Optical Module Solution

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The network system of Internet cafes needs to have a high bandwidth and support a large amount of data transmission. Therefore, Internet cafes have high requirements for network hardware. When designing the Internet cafe network, it is necessary to ensure high quality network transmission speed, and also consider the future network upgrade and maintenance. Now, let's introduce the network equipment solutions of the Internet cafes.

First of all, we need to choose a high-performance diskless server for the selection of network devices. For the selection, we can choose a motherboard that supports dual CPU, 512G memory, and Intel E5 architecture CPU.

Then select two H3C full gigabit switches to build a gigabit network and enjoy games, 4k movies and other service experiences. The transmission carrier of the server and the switch can use 10 gigabit optical modules with OM3 multimode fiber jumpers to achieve link transmission within 300 meters. The connection between the switch and the computer adopts Cat5e network cable. The network diagram of Internet cafes is as follows:

The advantage of using optical fiber for wiring is that it has scalability, so that more equipment can be accessed in the future. In addition, optical fiber has good anti-interference performance during high-speed transmission, and can adapt to complex electromagnetic interference. Compared with copper cabling, optical fiber has better stability.

In addition, virus invasion and illegal attack are the biggest security risks of Internet cafes. In consideration of security issues, firewall devices can be accessed. However, due to the high price of firewall, it is recommended to consider again when the funds allow

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