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Gigabit light module popularization.10g sfp lr transceiver
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Gigabit light module popularization.10g sfp lr transceiver

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2 inlet 2 outlet 12 to 48 core

Telecom operators have also been actively deploying Gigabit Light Modules to interpret the user's network experience demand of "useful" and "good use" with practical actions.

Like China Telecom, since last year, China, Shanghai, Inner Mongolia, Chongqing, Tianjin, Jilin, Hubei, Fujian and other provinces and cities have launched Gigabit 5G+Gigabit Broadband+Gigabit WiFi. upgrade. In the next five years, China Telecom will build the ability to have F5G Gigabit full light access capabilities, which will accelerate network construction and rate upgrades, improve system capacity, and achieve high -quality pan -based basis.

It is foreseeable that the "5G+Light Network" dual gigabit network will empower the transformation and upgrading of thousands of industries, and support the high -quality development of the real economy. Of course, the industrial chain cooperation also needs to be strengthened to achieve a win -win situation.

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