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G652, G657A, G655, G654 optical cable difference.100km cwdm sfp 10g modul
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G652, G657A, G655, G654 optical cable difference.100km cwdm sfp 10g modul

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Optical Fiber Cable is made to meet the performance specifications of optical, machinery or environment. Cable components. The optical cable is the main transmission tool for various information networks in the information society today.

Optical cables are generally composed of fibrous cores, packaging layers and protective suits.

Core: High refractive index is used to transmit light;

Bag layer: low refractive index, forming full reflection conditions with the core;

Case: Great strength, can withstand greater shocks and protect fiber.

Common types and differences in optical cables: G652, G657A, G655 and G654

G652: It is a conventional single -mode fiber, with a zero -color scattering point of 1300nm, and is now divided into several types of G. 652A, B, C, and D. The main difference is PMD. The characteristic of G. 652 Fiber is that when the working wavelength is 1300nm, the fiber fiber is very small, and the system's transmission distance is only damaged;

G657A: It can be used in D, E, S, C, and L5 bands, which can work in the entire working wavelength range of 1260-1625nm. With better bending performance, geometric size technical requirements are more accurate;

G655: It is a non-zero-colored displacement offset fiber (NZ-DSF), which is divided into 655A, B, C. The main feature is that the color of 1550nm is close to zero, but it is not zero. It is a improved color dispersion fiber to suppress the four -wave mixing frequency;

G654: It is an ultra -low loss of optical fiber. It is mainly used for cross -ocean optical cables. The common core core is pure SiO2, while ordinary optical fiber cores need to be mixed. The minimum loss near 1550nm is only 0.185dB/km, but the color is relatively large in this area, about 17-20 ps/[nm · km], but the color of the 1300nm wavelength area is zero.

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