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Function classification and usage scenarios of ONU
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Function classification and usage scenarios of ONU

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Function classification and usage scenarios of ONU

Select to receive broadcast data sent by OLT;

Respond to ranging and power control commands sent by the OLT; and make corresponding adjustments;

The user's Ethernet data is buffered and sent upstream in the sending window allocated by the OLT;

Fully compliant with IEEE 802.3/802.3ah;

Receive sensitivity up to -25.5 DBM;

Transmission power up to -1 to 4 DBM;

A passive optical network uses a single fiber to connect to the OLT, which then connects to the ONU. ONU provides services such as data, IPTV (interactive network television), voice (using IAD (integrated access equipment)), and truly realizes the application of "three networks integration";

Adopt point-to-multipoint network topology to effectively collect and aggregate Ethernet services distributed by users;

Provide standard RJ45 fast Ethernet interface at the user end, and smoothly interconnect with the existing network;

Support IGMP multicast

It has good interoperability and can communicate with mainstream office manufacturers OLT equipment;

Maximum power consumption: 10W;

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