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Fiber optic module connection method
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Fiber optic module connection method

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SC-APC 1x16

Ring Backbone network

The ring Backbone network is a backbone that uses the SPANNING TREE feature to build a metropolitan area. This structure can be transformed into a mesh structure, which is suitable for high-density central cells in the metropolitan area network to form a fault-tolerant core backbone network. The ring Backbone network's support for IEEE.1Q and ISL network characteristics can ensure compatibility with most mainstream backbone networks, such as VLAN, TRUNK and other functions across switches. The ring Backbone network can set up a broadband virtual private network for finance, government, education and other industries.

Chain Backbone network

Chain Backbone network can save a lot of backbone light by using chain connection, which is suitable for constructing a backbone network with high bandwidth and low price at the edge of cities and suburban areas. This mode can also be used in the environment of highways, oil transportation, transmission lines, etc. The chain Backbone network's support for IEEE802.1Q and ISL network characteristics can ensure compatibility with most backbone networks, and can establish broadband virtual private networks for financial, government, education and other industries. Chain Backbone network is a multimedia network that can provide integrated transmission of images, voice, data and real-time monitoring.

User access system

The user access system utilizes 10Mbps/100Mbps adaptive and 10Mbps/100Mbps automatic conversion functions, which can connect any user device without the need to prepare multiple fiber optic transceivers, providing a smooth upgrade solution for the network. By utilizing both half duplex/full duplex adaptive and half duplex/full duplex automatic conversion functions, low-cost half duplex HUB can be configured on the user end, reducing the networking cost of the user end dozens of times and improving the competitiveness of network operators

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