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Fiber Optic Market Analysis
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Fiber Optic Market Analysis

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Due to the inherent advantages of fiber optic technology, it is gradually becoming the standard basis for all networks. Therefore, this makes the optical fiber equipment market extremely competitive, and there are currently as many as 20 suppliers in this field. This includes not only well-known traditional suppliers with a history of more than ten years, but also some new players in the market, and they have different implementation methods or value propositions of fiber optic connection and control.

In addition to introducing innovative ways to solve problems, fiber network equipment vendors are also finding market opportunities in traditional service providers (both wired and wireless), content service providers, cloud providers, and enterprise networks, all of whom require high-speed, low-speed Delayed infrastructure delivery of services. While the overall fiber optic equipment market itself is relatively large—with an average annual market value of $12.65 billion over the past four years, according to ACG Research—it appears that it will usher in a new wave of growth. The latest round of growth occurred in 2007-2008, mainly due to the deployment of fiber-optic cities and wireless networks. Since the product technology cycle is generally around 7 years, we predict that the next round of network deployment and growth will occur in late 2013.

If you're looking for proof from the latest market dynamics, it's that fiber optic equipment suppliers appear to be targeting potential growth points such as carriers and enterprises. In practice, all businesses are introducing Fibre Transport technology, either directly or indirectly through managed service offerings. This is mainly due to the inherent advantages of fiber - security, high data transfer speed, cost, low latency and ubiquity. When combined with some new technology concepts such as software-defined networking [SDN], fiber optics can enable extraordinary network solutions

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