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FC fiber optic jumper.sfp fiber optic transceivers
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FC fiber optic jumper.sfp fiber optic transceivers

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SC-APC 1x8

1. Low insertion loss

2. High return loss

3. Good repeatability

4. Good interchangeability

5. Good environmental adaptability

Fiber optic jumper products are widely used in communication rooms, fiber optic to home, local area networks, fiber optic sensors, fiber optic communication systems, fiber optic connection transmission equipment, national defense readiness, etc. Suitable for cable television networks, telecommunications networks, computer fiber optic networks, and optical testing equipment.

1. Do not excessively bend or wrap optical fibers during use, as this will increase the attenuation of light during transmission.

2. The receiving and transmitting wavelengths of the Optical module at both ends of the optical fiber jumper must be the same, that is, the two ends of the optical fiber must be Optical module of the same wavelength. The simple way to distinguish them is that the color of the Optical module must be the same.

3. The Optical fiber connector must be protected with a protective sleeve after the use of the optical fiber jumper. Dust and oil will damage the coupling of the optical fiber.

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