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EX4600 Ethernet switch solution
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EX4600 Ethernet switch solution

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EX4600 Ethernet switch solution


The switch is divided into EX series Ethernet switches and QFX series switches.

EX series Ethernet switches include the following product lines: EX2200, EX2500, EX3200, EX3300, EX4200, EX4300, EX4500, EX4600, EX6200, EX8200, and EX9200.

QFX series switches include the following product lines: QFX5100, QFX5200 and QFX10000.

With the continuous growth of optical fiber communication products, customers pay more and more attention to the compatibility of optical modules. Fortunately, as a professional optical module manufacturer, Yitianguang Communication Co., Ltd. has a special switch to test the product to check whether the product is working normally and auditing EEPROM information.

Let me briefly introduce all our EX4600 Ethernet switches.

EX4600 Ethernet switch is a distributed deployment of the park, providing data center -level scalability, high availability and high performance. EX4600 has fixed 10GPBS and modular 10GPBS and 40Gbps ports, which enables it to flexibly apply to the data center's cabinet deployment and service providers to gather deployment.

As a high -energy miniature platform, the EX4600 provides a highly available, simple and scalable 10GBE solution, which makes it an ideal choice for the corporate network.

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