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1X9 Modules

EPON (Ethernet-based Passive Optical Network) is a kind of PON network. With the development of telecommunications technology, it is a comprehensive access technology that is widely used to meet the needs of high-speed broadband services such as video and data. EPON network consists of three parts: OLT, ODN and ONU. The main features are point-to-multipoint, passive lines, simple and clear network levels, and can provide comprehensive access to various services such as voice, broadband, and CATV.

The EPON system adopts upstream and downstream symmetrical transmission with a nominal rate of 1.25G.

The standard of EPON is IEEE 802.3ah, which is based on Gigabit Ethernet technology and realizes the point-to-multipoint transmission mode of PON through the point-to-multipoint control protocol (MPCP) above the MAC layer. The protocol implementation is simple, but the OAM capability slightly weaker.

The standard of GPON is the ITU-T G.984 series, which follows the standard protocol framework of APON and adds GEM, a new TC layer frame encapsulation method. It has strict regulations on QoS and OAM, and has a strong ability to carry TDM services. relatively complex. GPON has high transmission rate and large split ratio, and can provide TDM services with high timing precision.

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