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4Port EPON OLT with reset botton

Ethernet Passive Optical Network, Ethernet Passive Optical Network, is an Ethernet-based PON technology. Combining Ethernet and PON technology, using PON technology at the physical layer, using the Ethernet protocol at the data link layer, and using the PON topology to achieve Ethernet access. Therefore, it combines the advantages of PON technology and Ethernet technology: low cost, high bandwidth, strong scalability, compatibility with existing Ethernet, and easy management.

Comparison of EPON and GPON applications

GPON and EPON have their own merits, their scope of application is different, and application scenarios also overlap. Looking forward to the future broadband access market, it may not be one who replaces the other, but should coexist and complement each other.

For customers with high bandwidth, multi-service, high QoS and security requirements and ATM technology as the backbone network, GPON will be more suitable;

For cost-sensitive customer groups with low QoS and security requirements, EPON has become dominant.

EPON is more suitable for the application type of Internet access.

GPON is more suitable for the application type of full-service operation and triple play.

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