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Do you really know the Mark Module Module.hpe optical transceiver
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Do you really know the Mark Module Module.hpe optical transceiver

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olt 8 ports

1. What is the light module?

1. What is optical fiber?

Glass or plastic fiber is used to transmit light signals. The transmission principle is the full reflection of light. It has the advantages of good confidentiality, light weight, strong anti -interference ability, long distance, and high data bandwidth. The transmission rate supported by optical fiber includes 100Mbps, 1Gbps, 10Gbps and higher.

2. What is the light module?

Responsible for photoelectric conversion, the sending terminal converts the electrical signal into a optical signal. After the optical fiber is transmitted, the receiving terminal converts the optical signal into a electrical signal. Common light module rate: 155m (100 megabytes) .1.25g (Gigabit) .10g (10 Migital) .40g.

3. Light module type.

The following is the main type of optical fiber:

GBIC is an interface device that converts the Gigabit -level electrical signal into a light signal. Hot insertion can be used for GBIC design. SFP (Gigabit Light Interface) .sfp+(Mall -Mart -Light Interface), QSFP+(40G Light Interface) will also be encountered in the project.

To use the switch tens of thousands of dimensions, you need to insert the SFP+Magazine Module. The 10,000 -sing dual -core light module (the dual -core is the most commonly used, one receipt and one round) will have two LC interfaces.

Second, the principle of pairing of light modules.

1. The principle of light module pairing:

The device of the internal light module is also applicable to the figure above.

Because the light module is divided into two directions when transmitting data, the double fiber light module is distinguished through different ports, and the single fiber light module is distinguished by different light wavelengths, as follows.

Therefore, when using a single fiber light module, the wavelength of the light modules at both ends, namely TX/RX.

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