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Do you know what is an armor fiber jumping line?
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Do you know what is an armor fiber jumping line?

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The structure of armor fiber jump line:

1. Micro -mouth stainless steel hose is used as the closest protective layer from the optical fiber, which can prevent damage caused by mechanical power.

2. The optical fiber jumping line uses imported Kafla fiber, which has permanent heat resistance, permanent anti -static, acid and alkali, high strength, and high wear resistance.

3. As a surface material, high -intensity PVC can be flame retardant, chemical corrosion, tear resistance, and can also increase the softness and elasticity of the armor fiber -fiber jump line.

Advantages of armor fiber jump line:

1. Little -caliber stainless steel spiral hose protection, high intensity, anti -mouse bite.

2. The working temperature is 2-45 to 85 ° C, which can be used in most parts of the world.

3. More strong, less damage to the armor fiber -jump line during the construction process, and it is more convenient during the construction process.

4. Easy to install and can be used in harsh environments.

5. Durable for a long time can reduce future maintenance costs.

6. Prevent improper bending cause damage.

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