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Differences between optical modules and optical transceivers
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Differences between optical modules and optical transceivers

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① Active and passive: the optical module is a functional module, or accessory, which is a passive device that cannot be used alone, and can only be used in switches and devices with optical module slots; The optical transceiver is a functional device and a separate active device, which can be used independently when plugged in the power supply;

② Upgrade configuration: the optical module supports hot plug, and the configuration is relatively flexible; The optical transceiver is relatively fixed, so it is troublesome to replace and upgrade;

③ Price: The optical transceiver is cheaper than the optical module, which is relatively economical and applicable. However, power adapter, light state, network cable state and other factors should also be considered. Transmission loss accounts for about 30%;

④ Application: Optical modules are mainly used on optical network communication equipment, such as optical interfaces of convergence switches, core routers, DSLAM, OLT and other equipment, such as backbone networks of computer video, data communication, wireless voice communication and other optical networks; Optical transceiver is applied in the actual network environment where Ethernet cable cannot cover and optical fiber must be used to extend the transmission distance, and it is usually the access layer application of broadband MAN;

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