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Development direction of optical fiber modules.sfp fiber optic transceivers wholesaler
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Development direction of optical fiber modules.sfp fiber optic transceivers wholesaler

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As the core device of the optical fiber access network, the optical receiving module promotes the development of the low -cost trunk light transmission system, making the configuration of the optical network more complete and reasonable. At present, the optical fiber module segmentation separated from laser and detectors has difficulty meeting the needs of modern communication equipment. In order to meet the needs of optical devices for communication equipment, optical fiber modules are developing in the direction of highly integrated small packaging.

The development direction of SFP light module.

The price is low and consumes less power.

The size of the communication equipment is getting smaller and smaller, and the interface board contains higher interface density, which urgently requires low -cost, low -power optoelectric components. At present, optical devices generally use hybrid integration processes and gas packaging processes. The next step is non-gas packaging. It needs to rely on technologies such as passive optical coupling (non-X-Y-Z direction) to further improve the degree of automation and reduce costs. Especially for high -speed, small signals, and high -gain front amplifiers, the development of GAAS technology and technology, the development of SIGE technology, has greatly controlled the yield and production cost of such chips Consumption. Development direction of optical fiber modules.

High rate

As the number and speed of information increased, and the Optical Sailing Network, which is the main pillar of modern information exchange, processing and dissemination, continuously develops to ultra -high frequency, ultra -high speed, and large capacity. The higher the transmission rate, the greater the transmission capacity The cost of each piece of information required is less and less. At present, the large -capacity hotspots of long -distance telephone are 10Gbit/s and 40Gbit/s. As far as the current circuit technology is concerned, 40Gbit/s is close to the limit of the "electronic bottleneck". No matter how high the speed is, problems such as signal loss, energy dissipation, electromagnetic radiation (interference), and impedance matching are difficult to solve. Even if it is solved, it must pay a huge price.

The development direction of Gigabit Light Module.

Long distance

Another development direction of optical fiber communication modules is remote. The distance between the light network is getting farther and farther, which requires the remote transceiver to match it. Generally, a long -distance transceiver signal can reach at least 100 kilometers without enlarged. The purpose is to save expensive optical releases and reduce the cost of light communication.

The development direction of the Magazine Module.

Hot insertion

In the future, the fiber fiber module must support hot insertion, that is, the module can be connected or disconnected with the device without cutting off the power, because the optical fiber module is hot plugged, so the network administrator does not need to close the network to upgrade and expand it to expand and expand System, this will not have any impact on network users. The characteristics of thermal insertion also simplify the overall maintenance, so that end users can better manage their receiving modules. At the same time, due to its thermal exchange characteristics, optical fiber module can allow network managers to plan and receive and receive costs, connection distances and all network topology according to the needs of network upgrades without completely replacing the system board.

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