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Detailed description of H3C SFP-GE-SX-MM850-A/D optical module model
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Detailed description of H3C SFP-GE-SX-MM850-A/D optical module model

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1.25G Multiple Mode

The SFP-GE-SX-MM850 optical module is a gigabit multimode optical module with a transmission rate of 1.25G. Its packaging type is hot pluggable SFP, and its center wavelength is 850nm. The transmission distance can be up to 550m when used with a multimode OM2 (LC/PC-LC/PC) jumper, or up to 275m when used with a multimode OM1 (LC/PC-LC/PC) jumper.

The parameters and specifications of SFP-GE-SX-MM850-A and SFP-GE-SX-MM850-D optical modules are the same. The only difference is that the letter after the SFP-GE-SX-MM850 model is SFP-GE-SX-MM850-A. The letter A refers to industry users (such as schools and enterprises), and the letter D refers to operators (such as China Telecom and China Unicom).

Next, let's explain the meaning of the SFP-GE-SX-MM850 model, where "SFP" refers to the packaging type of the optical module; "GE" means that the transmission rate of the optical module is 1G; "SX" means that the transmission distance of the optical module is 550m; "MM" means that the optical fiber type of the optical module is multi-mode, and the multi-mode optical fiber can be classified into OM1, OM2, OM3, and OM4. Generally, the gigabit multi-mode optical module is equipped with OM2 optical fiber jumper; "850" means that the central wavelength of the optical module is 850 nm.

H3C SFP-GE-SX-MM850 optical module and Etian ES8512-3LCD05 optical module have the same parameters and can be used for H3C equipment. Yitian ES8512-3LCD05 gigabit multimode optical module has higher cost performance ratio, more advantages in price and warranty time, and can support compatible equipment of various brands. These two optical modules both comply with SFP MSA standards, IEEE 802.3z standards, ROHS standards, and support digital diagnostic functions that comply with SFF-8472 protocol.

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