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Cold knowledge of electrical port modules that you don't know
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Cold knowledge of electrical port modules that you don't know

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1X9 Modules

1. Is the 10/100/1000M electrical port the same as the 1000M electrical port?

Different. Because the speed design of the circuit ports of the switch is different, it is necessary to match the electrical port module of the corresponding rate. The 10/100/1000M electrical port can support three rate adaptations, and the 1000M electrical port only supports pure Gigabit.

2. Is there no multi-rate and single-rate distinction for electrical port modules?

10G rate electrical port modules, some support multi-rate (1-10Gb/s), and some only support single rate (10Gb/s).

3. Is the working temperature of the electrical module all commercial grade?

no. The 10 Gigabit electrical port module is only commercial grade, but the Gigabit electrical port module is divided into commercial grade and industrial grade. The working temperature range of commercial grade is 0-70℃, and the working temperature range of industrial grade is -45-80℃.

4. Does the electrical port module support hot swap?

support. However, note that frequent hot-plugging may affect the service life of the module, so frequent hot-plugging is not recommended.

5. Can the electrical port module increase the network transmission rate?

cannot. The electrical port module is just a photoelectric converter and cannot improve the transmission rate of the signal.

6. Can SFP electrical port modules be used in SFP+ slots?

SFP electrical port modules can operate in SFP+ slots, but SFP+ electrical port modules cannot operate in SFP slots.

7. Can RJ45 and SFP interfaces be directly interconnected?

The RJ45 and SFP ports cannot be directly interconnected, they can be plugged into the SFP port through an electrical port module, and then connected with a network cable.

8. Can the 10G electrical port module be connected with a Cat5E network cable?

Can. Category 5e network cable (Cat5E) only supports gigabit speed at the highest, not 10G. 10G signal transmission requires Category 6A (Cat6A) or Category 7 (Cat7) network cable.

9. Can the 10 Gigabit electrical port module be used as a Gigabit electrical port module?

Can. The 10 Gigabit electrical port module can be backward compatible to gigabit speed, but it is not recommended to use it in this way. The price of the 10 Gigabit electrical port module is several times more expensive than that of the Gigabit electrical port module.

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