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Category of optical fiber jumping line.sfp transceivers module wholesale
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Category of optical fiber jumping line.sfp transceivers module wholesale

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Classified by mode: divided into single -mode fiber and multimodal fiber

Single -mode fiber: The color of the general fiber jump line is yellow, and the joint and protective cover is blue; the transmission distance is long;

Multi -mode optical fiber: OM1 and OM2 jump lines are orange, OM3 and OM4 jump lines are water green, the transmission distance of OM1 and OM2 is 550 meters at the Gigabit rate, and the transmission distance of OM3 is 300 meters at a 10 -merid meter. The rate is 400 meters; the joints and protective sets are beige or black;

Classified by the connection type:

The commonly used optical fiber jump lines are the four types of fiber jump lines of the LC fiber fiber jumping line SC fiber jumping line FC fiber jump line;

① LC optical fiber jump line: It uses a well -operated modular jack (RJ) 闩 lock mechanism to connect the SFP optical module, which is often used for routers;

② SC optical fiber jump line: Its shell is rectangular. The fastening method is to use insertion and pull -ups. It does not need to rotate, connects the GBIC optical module, and the router switches are the most.

③FC optical fiber jump line: The external protective cover is a metal cover, the fastening method is the screw buckle, and the wiring shelf is most used. It has the advantages of strong tightness, preventing dust;

④Sti fiber jump line: The shell is round, the fastener is screw buckle, the core is exposed, and the plug is inserted and rotated half a week to fix it.

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