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Campus Network Case Optical Module Solution
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Campus Network Case Optical Module Solution

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1X9 Modules

With the urgent demand for information resource sharing and information exchange, which promotes the rapid development of network technology, colleges and universities have also prepared to build campus networks, hoping to improve the level of teaching, management and scientific research through the construction of campus networks.

Campus network application can be divided into three parts: electronic teaching (multimedia classroom, electronic library, etc.), campus management (database) and remote communication (Internet access, remote teaching).

In the construction of the campus network, the core layer equipment can be placed in the network center, and a high-performance three-layer switching device can be placed in each aggregation sub center of the campus. The entire campus network aggregation layer is assumed by multiple three-layer switching devices, and each device is responsible for the access of the building switch in the nearby area.

The general campus network requires 10 gigabit and gigabit switches. The backplane bandwidth and slot number can be selected according to the networking requirements of the campus network. In addition to selecting switches, we also need to select optical modules and fiber jumpers to connect switches. For short distance interconnection, 1.25G SFP multimode optical modules for gigabit ports of switches can be selected with OM2 fiber jumpers.

For long-distance interconnection, 1.25G SFP single-mode dual fiber 10km optical module can be selected with OS2 single-mode jumper.

The difference between single fiber and dual fiber is that single fiber only needs to be connected with one optical fiber, while dual fiber needs to be connected with two optical fibers.

10G SFP+dual fiber 300m optical module with OM3 dual LC connector multimode jumper can be selected for 10G switch port, and the transmission distance can be up to 300m. Generally, the campus network does not need to deploy high-speed optical modules. The optical modules of low-speed short-range optical modules can meet the transmission requirements of the campus network.

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