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Arista 7500R series switch interconnection solution
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Arista 7500R series switch interconnection solution

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Nowadays, large -scale data centers and networks tend to provide a variety of Ethernet interface rates at the same time, including 10Gbps, 40Gbps, and 100Gbps. Based on this, Arista launched the 7500R series switch, which maximized the flexibility and scalability of the data center wiring, which was widely favored by people.

The Arista 7500R series modular switch can provide the highest performance of the industry and have the system processing capacity of 115Tbps to meet the needs of the maximum data center. Through the system options, the 7500R series provides 4, 8 or 12 line card modules, 2 management modules and 6 switching modules. It is mainly used for large virtualized data centers and key types of mission.

The Arista 7500R series switches can easily handle the strictest requirements of the data center when ensuring low latency. It has the following advantages:

B The transmission capacity of 115tbps per second (no blocking)

B High -density 40GBE and 100GBE ports can also flexibly support 25GBE and 50GBE

10 Provide more than 1700 10G and 25G Ethernet ports (1728 10/25G ports, 432 40/100G ports)

Seamless 7500E switch (thread card, Fabric and monitoring)

5 can be directly connected to 25GBE, 40GBE and 50GBE storage systems, providing high performance and low latency

There are three types of line cards in the Arista 7500R series switches, namely 7500R-36CQ, 7500R-36Q, and 7500R-48 S2CQ. The speed and density selection up to 36 100GBE and 40GBE line speed ports. Each 100GBE interface supports 5 speed options, including 25GBE and 50GBE, which provides unparalleled flexibility and seamless transition data centers for the next generation of Ethernet performance.

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