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Application of PoE Optical Fiber Transceiver in Remote Video Monitoring System
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Application of PoE Optical Fiber Transceiver in Remote Video Monitoring System

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Before introducing the video monitoring system, let's first understand PoE optical transceiver, which is mainly used in two networks: Gigabit Ethernet and 100M Ethernet, and can support PoE (15.4 Watts) and PoE+(25.5 Watts) power supply modes.

Common PoE fiber transceivers in the market are usually configured with one RJ45 interface and one SFP interface. Other PoE fiber transceivers are configured with duplex RJ45 interfaces and duplex fiber interfaces, which support the use of fixed fiber connectors or SFP optical modules.

PoE optical fiber transceiver meets the needs of gigabit Ethernet and fast Ethernet working group users with long distance, high speed and high bandwidth, and can be widely used in security monitoring, conference system, intelligent building engineering and other data communication fields.

Next, we will introduce the construction scheme of the network video monitoring system. First, we need to prepare cameras, POE network cables, PoE optical fiber transceivers, SFP optical modules, optical fiber jumpers, switches, Cat5e network cables, monitoring hard disk recorders, VGA data cables, and video displays. The specific connection mode is shown in the diagram of monitoring system below.

In order to remove the blind area of the equipment, let's briefly introduce the use of related equipment.

1. NVR hard disk video recorder mainly plays the role of video storage;

2. The switch plays the role of connecting multiple terminal devices and realizing network interworking;

3. The function of the optical module is to convert the photoelectric signal, and the optical fiber jumper is used for optical signal transmission.

4. PoE optical transceiver has the power over Ethernet (PoE) function, which acts as a transmission relay. The optical port end can connect to the remote switch with optical modules and optical jumpers. The network port end can connect to the camera through network cables, which can not only transmit data but also supply power, saving the trouble of installing power cables separately;

5. The main function of the surveillance camera is to record video.

The use of optical fiber transceivers in the network video monitoring system can extend the transmission distance of signals while ensuring high-quality images, which will save more manpower, time and cost to upgrade the network.

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