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Application of 50G Optical Module in 5G
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Application of 50G Optical Module in 5G

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At present, 5G has started the commercialization process, but the complex bearer scheme has led to the increase of the corresponding types of bearer optical modules. For 5G forward transmission, in terms of speed, after AAU introduced the eCPRI protocol standard, the forward transmission 25G speed has become the standard of all equipment manufacturers. That is why the speed of the bearer network will consider the speed standard according to the convergence ratio of each layer. Finally, it is concluded that the optical module with 50G speed is the most cost-effective choice.

As for the reason why WDM and BIDI technologies are adopted, it is because they can improve the utilization of existing optical fibers in consideration of the difficulty of optical fiber laying.

At this stage, 50G and 25G optical modules are the main requirements of the access layer in the construction of mobile, China Unicom and telecom carrier networks. The 25G dual fiber bidirectional optical module production chain has been very mature, but the 50G PAM4 optical module is still in the approval stage in China, and its standard is still in the process of formulation.

The types of 5G bearer optical modules are mainly designed by the combination of three factors: speed, single/double fiber and color light. The packaging type is SFP56. The following two 50G optical modules are introduced:

1. 50G single fiber bidirectional color optical module, packaged with SFP28, BIDI, single-mode, central wavelength of 1309nm-TX/1295nm-RX, LC simplex interface, operating temperature of 0-70 ℃, its maximum transmission distance can reach 40KM.

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