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Application of 40G QSFP+Sr4 Optical module
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Application of 40G QSFP+Sr4 Optical module

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155M Multiple Mode

1. 40G to 40G transmission applications

The QSFP+Sr4 Optical module can complete 40G to 40G transmission in a 40G optical network environment. The simplest and most useful connection scheme is to connect two 40G switches with 40G QSFP+Sr4 Optical module respectively, and then connect two Optical module with MTP backbone multimode fiber jumpers to form optical fiber links.

In some special cases, in order to complete the connection with the 40G Optical module at the same time and at the same address, the number of two types of fiber jumpers and the difficulty of wiring are increased. On the basis of the above connection scheme, two 48 port 1U rack mounted MTP chassis have been added. The standard 1U rack mounted chassis can accommodate up to four 12 port MTP fiber optic adapter panels. This connection method provides great convenience for better cable handling and higher density wiring.

2. 40G to 10G transmission applications

The 40G QSFP+Sr4 Optical module is a parallel Optical module whose four optical interfaces receive together. Therefore, the 40G fiber optic signal can be divided into four 10G signals to complete the transmission from 40G to 10G. The high-density network wiring adopts a 48 port MTP 1U rack type chassis to connect MTP-8lc branch fiber optic jumpers, which can allocate 4 channels of 10G signal transmission.

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