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Application of 40G DAC high-speed cable in data center TOR cabling
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Application of 40G DAC high-speed cable in data center TOR cabling

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TOR (Top of Rack) is a cabling method for data centers. In this article, ETU-LINK introduces the application of 40G DAC high-speed cable in TOR cabling of data center.

40 g data center TOR wiring way is to use standard of 42 u server rack, and then placed in the upper part of the server rack a 40 g switch, then the server in the server rack through 40 g DAC high-speed cable connected to the switch at the top of the rack, and then connect the switch at the top of the rack to convergence layer/core layer switches.

Due to optical switch port number is more, in order to avoid port redundancy, so the server rack on the number of servers to relatively dense, which can generally be 42 u standard server rack, however, 42 u standard cabinet does not represent can place 42 1 u server, because the cabinet will consider reserved heat and move space, a variety of factors such as power supply, The upper and lower parts of the cabinet must have empty space for cables and space for other devices such as switches and firewalls. Therefore, a 42U standard cabinet can hold about 20 1U servers.

The length of 40G DAC high-speed cable is within 5 meters, which is more than sufficient for the application of 40G data center TOR wiring, because 42U server cabinet is only 2 meters high.

To connect the server to the optical port of the 40G switch, insert the 40G server NIC into the PCI-E bus interface, connect the module at one end of the 40G DAC high-speed cable to the server NIC, and connect the other end to the 40G switch. Finally, connect the uplink port of the switch at the top of the server to the switch at the aggregation layer or core layer.

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