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Application of 25G Optical Module in 5G Network
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Application of 25G Optical Module in 5G Network

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When it comes to 5G, you must be familiar with it. It is a popular concept at present, but there is no large-scale commercial use. Many 5G base stations are still under construction. Looking at the development history of the whole communication industry, the communication system has developed from the first generation to today's fifth generation, and the network capacity and bandwidth are increasing with the development of the times.

The emergence of 5G is precisely due to the growing demand for mobile data. More and more devices are connected to the mobile network, and new services and applications emerge in endlessly, resulting in the surge of mobile data, which brings huge challenges to the network capacity. To improve the network capacity, 5G is bred. Compared with 4G, 5G has faster transmission speed, lower delay and more stable transmission. But at the same time, it also faces many problems, such as the location of base stations, huge construction and operation costs, many devices involved, and the need to rely on the global supply chain.

The prelude of 5G network deployment has been started. 5G technology is closely related to the future Internet of Things industry and contains huge economic benefits. All countries strive to gain a leading edge in the future 5G technology business. Now, China's 5G technology has made a breakthrough, and the key technologies of 5G are gradually clarified. In the 5G network construction, the optical module, as an indispensable optical communication device, is used to realize the mutual conversion between optical signals and electrical signals. At present, 25G optical modules are widely used in 5G forward base stations.

25G optical module adopts SFP28 package type and LC interface. It can be divided into 25GBase SR, 25GBase LR, 25GBASE-ER, etc. according to different standards. Here are some commonly used 25G optical modules.

1. 25GBase SR optical module, mainly used for short distance transmission, can be transmitted within 100M at most, the central wavelength is 850nm, LC interface.

2. 25GBase LR optical module, mainly used for short and medium distance transmission, supports 10KM transmission distance, central wavelength is 1310nm, and has dual LC interfaces.

3. 25GBASE-ER optical module, mainly used for medium and long distance transmission, supports 40KM transmission distance, central wavelength is 1310nm, and dual LC interface.

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