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Application analysis of light modules in data centers.onu epon gpon modem manufacturer
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Application analysis of light modules in data centers.onu epon gpon modem manufacturer

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The current data center is no longer as simple as a computer room, but a huge data center group composed of multiple computer rooms. For the normal use of the Internet business, it is necessary to require cooperative operation between data centers. A large amount of information between data centers interchange at the same time, which generates the needs of the data center Internet. Fiber communication is a necessary solution to realize the network interconnection. Unlike the traditional telecommunications access network transmission equipment, the data center interconnection must achieve a greater amount of information. , More densely transmitted, this requires the exchange equipment to have higher speeds, lower power consumption, and smaller performance. One of the core factor that determines whether these properties can be realized are the light communication module. The transmission of the information network is mainly used as the transmission medium, and the light signal is transmitted, but the general device can only identify the electrical signal, and the optical module is the core device that realizes the photoelectric conversion.

The data center communication optical module can be divided into three categories according to the connection type:

① Inside the data center, it is mainly used for information storage, generation, and mining;

② Data center interconnection is mainly used for data replication, software and system upgrades;

③ Data center to users, from accessing clouds to our usual daily use, such as watching videos, browsing articles, emails and receiving and receiving.

At present, the internal communication of the data center accounts for most of the data center communication. The development of data center construction has promoted the development of high -speed light modules, and the application prospects of high -speed light modules are getting better and better.

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