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Analysis of the use temperature of the light module.hpe optical transceiver wholesale
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Analysis of the use temperature of the light module.hpe optical transceiver wholesale

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Faceplate 1GE XPON ONU

The weather forecast will tell us how the recent temperature is, whether it is time to wear more clothes or appropriately reduce some clothes. Take the temperature of the light module.

The use temperature of the optical module is divided into three types: commercial grade temperature, extended level temperature, industrial -grade temperature, and in actual use, it is divided into two categories: commercial -grade temperature and industrial -grade temperature. They have the following differences:

① Work temperature:

Commercial grade temperature: 0 ~+70 ℃

Extended temperature: -20 ~+85 ℃

Industrial-grade temperature: -40 ~+85 ℃

② Working environment: Commercial -grade light modules are generally used in more comfortable network environments such as enterprise networks, data centers, and computer rooms. Industrial -grade optical modules are used in relatively harsh environments.

③ Test method: The commercial -grade optical module is aging at room temperature, the temperature is 0 ~+70 ℃, the industrial -grade light module needs to perform high and low temperature aging detection. The temperature can withstand the maximum of 85 degrees. Can work steadily;

④ Import of temperature compensation software: The industrial -grade light module should import temperature compensation software. Its role is to ensure that the 100M light module has a stable working current supply. When the temperature changes, the temperature compensation software will have a effect. The commercial -grade optical module does not need to be compensated, so it will not increase materials and manufacturing costs.

In the process of referring to the price of the optical module, in addition to considering the working temperature, the working environment, transmission rate, transmission distance and compatibility should also be considered. Selecting different working environments to reduce unnecessary trouble.

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