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Analysis of 100G QSFP28 SR4 branch solution
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Analysis of 100G QSFP28 SR4 branch solution

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GPON OLT Module (GPON Class C++)

We can assume a scenario with an 8-slot chassis, which is fully equipped with 36 QSFP28 ports, and the ports are filled with 100G parallel optical transceivers, operating in breakout mode, and the total number of ports in the chassis is 1152 25G ports. 1152 25G ports require a total of three eight-slot chassis and 24 switches with 48 ports.

If deployed independently with the above-mentioned considerable number of 25G optical modules. Then 48 switches with 48 ports and 2304 25G optical modules are required. Among them, the cost of the chassis also includes the required power supplies, fan trays, monitors, system controllers and optical modules. Due to the increase in the number of chassis, these additional required components will also increase, so in a multimode cabling system, the cost of deploying 25G SR optical modules independently is 85% higher than that of using 100G SR4 branch solutions.

In addition, because the number of chassis and switches is reduced by 2/3, the power consumption required by the 100G branch solution and the cooling power consumption of the room air conditioner are reduced by about 67% compared with the use of the 25G optical module alone. In addition to the benefits of saving space and cost, the wiring method is also more flexible. Subsequent network upgrades can continue to use 100G optical modules for wiring. At this time, it is the interconnection between 100G SR4 and 100G SR4.

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