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All the 10G SFP+ optical modules you want are here
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All the 10G SFP+ optical modules you want are here

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GPON OLT Module (GPON Class C++)

The 10G SFP+ optical module is widely used in 10G Ethernet, which is common in next-generation mobile networks, fixed access networks, metropolitan area networks, and data centers. Here is an inventory of the 10G SFP+ optical module for you.

1. 10G SFP+ dual fiber optical module

10G SFP+ dual fiber optical module is a conventional optical module with two LC fiber interfaces, and the transmission distance can be up to 100 km. Commonly used 10G SFP+ dual fiber optical module includes 10G SFP+ SR and 10G SFP+ LR, among which the transmission distance of 10G SFP+ SR is 300 m. A 10G SFP+ LR has a transmission range of 10km.

2. 10G SFP+ single-fiber optical module

The 10G SFP+ BiDi optical module adopts the WDM technology to realize bidirectional transmission of optical signals on one optical fiber. In other words, optical signals can be transmitted and received using one port, but the transmitting and receiving directions must adopt different central wavelengths. Because the module can maximize the utilization of optical fibers, effectively reduce the usage of optical fibers, and reduce the network deployment cost, it becomes the first choice for 10G network architecture. It is important to note that this module needs to be used in pairs.

3. 10G SFP+ CWDM optical module

The 10G SFP+ CWDM optical module is a coarse wavelength division multiplexing optical module, which is usually used together with single-mode optical fibers. This optical module uses the CWDM technology to save fiber resources and significantly improve networking flexibility, economy, and reliability.

What are the advantages of the 10G SFP+ DWDM optical module?

This article will introduce what is 10G SFP+ DWDM optical module and its advantages in what aspects. Traditional optical fiber communication systems transmit all optical signals in one optical fiber, which only uses part of the optical fiber bandwidth. In order to make full use of the huge bandwidth resources of optical fiber and increase the transmission capacity of optical fiber, a new generation of optical fiber communication technology with dense wave division (DWDM) technology as the core is born. The following is to introduce the models of 10G SFP+ DWDM optical modules.

1, 10G DWDM SFP+ C17-C61 40km(ESDxxX-3LCD40)

It adopts hot-swappable SFP+ package, dual-fiber LC interface, optional fixed wavelength C-band C17-C61 (50/100GHz interval), equipped with EML laser and PIN photodetector, working temperature range of commercial grade (0℃-70℃) and industrial grade (-40℃-85℃) can be selected. It meets SFP28 MSA and 10G Ethernet standards, has a maximum speed of up to 11.3Gbps, and can transmit up to 40 km via single-mode fiber OS2.

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