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5G network, optical module or will become the next outlet
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5G network, optical module or will become the next outlet

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As of the end of March 2021, my country has built 819,000 5G base stations, accounting for more than 70% of the total number of 5G base stations in the world, and more than 280 million 5G terminal access devices. 5G will push the bearer network to usher in new technological changes. In order to meet the application scenarios of 5G, larger transmission capacity and faster transmission rate support are required. Domestic optical module suppliers usher in a rare opportunity for large-scale network upgrades. 5G construction will be a long-term process, and it is expected to enter a peak period in 2021-2023. Taking optical modules as an example, regardless of the 4G stock replacement requirements, the total demand for optical modules on the 5G base station side alone will exceed 32 million, and the annual demand will exceed 7.4 million during the peak period (equivalent to twice the demand in 2018). In addition, the demand for passive WDM, active WDMOTN, WDMPON and other devices is also strong, and relevant manufacturers will fully benefit from the 5G construction process.

The prelude to 5G network deployment has begun. 5G technology is closely related to the future Internet of Things industry and contains huge economic benefits. All countries are striving to gain a leading edge in the future 5G technology business. Today, my country's 5G technology has made breakthroughs, and the key 5G technologies have gradually become clear. In the construction of 5G network, the optical module is an essential optical communication device, and its function is to realize the mutual conversion between optical signals and electrical signals. For now, 25G optical modules are widely used in 5G fronthaul base stations.

5G fronthaul optical modules are mainly used in the AUU full-outdoor environment and require large-scale deployment. Therefore, the fronthaul optical modules need to meet the requirements of industrial temperature range, dustproof, and low cost. The 5G fronthaul optical modules include industrial-grade 25G dual-fiber bidirectional gray light modules and 25G single-fiber bidirectional gray light modules. The 5G mid- and backhaul optical modules include 25G dual-fiber bidirectional gray optical modules, 50G single-fiber bidirectional/dual-fiber bidirectional gray optical modules, 100/200/400G gray optical modules, and low-cost high-speed coherent optical modules. The optical module professional manufacturers mentioned above can provide customized products for customers. In the 5G era, there are mainly three application scenarios of ultra-broadband, wide connection, and low latency. Wide connection and low latency are mainly for the digital development of To B/G.

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