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56G QSFP+ DAC Passive High Speed Cable
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56G QSFP+ DAC Passive High Speed Cable

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Fiber Media Converter

A high-speed cable DAC is a stationary component that supports high-speed data transmission, using a small connector module as an optical transceiver on one end of the cable. With cost advantages and energy saving advantages, it is widely used in data centers for short-distance applications. High-speed cable DACs are divided into different packages and rates: 10G SFP+ DAC, 25G SFP28 DAC, 40G/56G QSFP+ DAC, 100G QSFP28 DAC, 200G QSFP56 DAC, etc. This article will introduce the 56G QSFP+ DAC passive high-speed cable.

Before formally introducing the 56G QSFP+ DAC passive high-speed cable, let's take a look at the QSFP+ DAC high-speed cable. The QSFP+ DAC high-speed cable is divided into two types: active and passive. The passive QSFP+ DAC high-speed cable has no driver chip, so it can transmit signals without power driving, and the signal will not be amplified or transmitted during the transmission process. Balance and other adjustments. Generally speaking, the maximum transmission distance of passive QSFP+ DAC high-speed cable is 7 meters, while active QSFP+ DAC high-speed cable has a driver chip that can perform signal conditioning, so its transmission distance is slightly longer, about 10 meters or even Longer, mainly divided into four categories: 40G QSFP+ DAC active high-speed cable, 40G QSFP+ DAC passive high-speed cable, 40G QSFP+ to 4x10G SFP+DAC passive high-speed cable and 56G QSFP+ DAC passive high-speed cable.

The 56G QSFP+ DAC passive high-speed cable is a high-speed twinaxial cable with QSFP+ connectors at both ends. It mainly uses silver-plated conductors, insulated core wires of physical foamed polyolefin material, and pair shielding or total shielding. The conventional length of the copper cable is 1-7 meters, and the copper cable wire gauge (referring to the diameter of the copper cable) is available from 30 to 24 AWG. The smaller the wire gauge of the long DAC high-speed cable, can effectively reduce the loss during signal transmission. Each channel can transmit data at a rate of up to 14.3125Gb/s, supporting a total aggregate rate of 56Gb/s, transmission distance up to 5 meters, supporting commercial grade operating temperature 0-70 degrees Celsius, 3.3V operating voltage, compliant with SFF-8436 and RoHS specifications

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