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4IPNET -perfect network solution tu.png

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4IPNET -perfect network solution


4IPNET, INC. (Chuan Chuan Technology) is committed to providing users with a leading and economic affordable product and solution for users to use it for wireless network transmission, Internet access certification, website security control, visitors charging charges, and mobile Internet services , Sales worldwide with its own brand "4IPNET". Providing a safe and easy -to -operate wireless network overall solution is the direction that 4IPNET has always worked.

4IPNET product line:

Wireless network controller, wireless access point, wireless hotspot certification gateway, access layer switch

Among them, the SW series access layer switch is an efficient and functional Layer 2 switch. It is also the best choice to match other 4IPNET product lines. Today we will meet you two products under the series: SW1024 and SW2008. Don't miss this opportunity.

SW1024 is a comprehensive management POE +switch. 24 Ethernet and 2 SFP Gigabit ports are designed for large and medium -sized enterprises and organizations that need to expand wired connection to POE function devices on the edge of the network.

SW1024 Features:

◆ Unified wired and wireless

◆ Simple installation and easy maintenance

◆ The performance assurance of sensitive applications

◆ Reliable, stable and safe

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