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40G to 10G light module connection solution
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40G to 10G light module connection solution

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1. Connection solution

Use the optical fiber distribution box to combine the four SFP+optical modules with a QSFP+optical module, and use the MTP LC optical fiber jump line between the fiber fiber distribution box and the QSFP+optical module. The optical fiber power distribution box and the SFP optical module are completed through the UniBoot LC dual -work. The solution is usually used for short -range transmission and is easy to maintain. However, the LC port of the fiber fiber power distribution box has not been fully utilized, which reduces the wiring density.

Replace the optical fiber jump to 8 -core fiber, and the fiber fiber distribution box becomes the LC optical fiber adapter panel. This solution can improve the wiring density, fully use each port on the LC-LC adapter panel, and then complete the connection to the 10G port. When the wiring space is relatively small, this method can be used.

2. Directly connect to solution

Using an 8 -core MTP to the LC fiber jump line, four LC dual -workers are also required. This direct connection solution is usually suitable for short -range transmission.

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