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40G and 100G data center solutions
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40G and 100G data center solutions

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With the development of science and technology and the development of people's needs, everything requires high -speed transmission, especially data centers. But how to build this high -density data center optical cable system? What do we need to prepare?

Today, we will tell you the answer in this article, I hope to help you!

1. What kind of solution does the data center use? Why is it?

Most high -density data center optical fiber wiring system uses: plug -in, high -density, scalability, prefabricated optical fiber wiring system solution.

By installing optical fiber wiring boxes and optical fiber adapter panels with different ports in the FHD series optical fiber wiring box and wiring racks, it is easy to integrate with existing fiber infrastructure.

The solution supports seamless port migration from 10G to 25/40/50/100G in the space of the same machine unit space, providing a high -density, low -cost, easy management, high reliability network wiring for corporate data centers system.

2. What do I need to prepare for 40G/100G data center solution?

Density and modular structures, upgrade and maintenance convenience.

The 19 -inch standard rack is installed. It can load 4 adapter panels or 4 MPO/MTP high -density wiring boxes. It has the characteristics of an instant plug -in and flexible deployment.

It is often used to perform optical fiber end, fiber fiber melting, fiber wiring and optical fiber storage. The maximum limited space of racks and cabinets is an ideal solution to meet high -density wiring.

3. How can we build a 40/100G high -density data center system?

The design of each system is derived from the goals that the designer wants to use different devices, but the most common materials for use are listed above.

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