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40G QSFP+light module and AOC/DAC cable common questions answers
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40G QSFP+light module and AOC/DAC cable common questions answers

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GPON OLT Module (GPON Class C++)

Q1: Can the 40g light module be connected to the 10G light module?

A1: Not all 40G light modules can be connected to the 10G light module. Only the light module of 4*10G parallel transmission can be connected to the 10G light module, such as: 40G multi-mode light module (QSFP+ SR4) to use MPO-LC Multi-mode OM3 optical fiber jump line and 10G 10,000-dollar multi-module module (SR) connection, because they are all multi-mode light modules and wavelengths are 850nm, and the 40G SR4 light module can be compatible with IEEE 802.3AE 10GBase-SR Ethernet Protocol; 40G single-mode light module (QSFP+ PSM4) can be connected to use MPO-LC single-mode OS2 optical fiber jump line and 10G 10,000-scent single-mode light module (LR), because their wavelengths are 1310nm, and the 40G PSM4 light module goes downwards Compatible with IEEE 802.3AE 10GBase-LR Ethernet protocol.

Q2: Where is the 40G DAC high -speed cable?

A2: 40G DAC high -speed cables are mainly used in the transmission of data center cabinets. Because high -speed cables do not need expensive optical devices and optical fiber as components, the transmission distance and low price are very suitable for the connection between the internal server and switch of the cabinet.

Q3: Can the 40g port and 10G port be connected to the cable?

A3: Yes, 40G AOC/DAC cables have QSFP+4*SFP+branch cables. Cables that use this specification can interconnect 40G ports and 10G ports.

Q4: How many kilometers can 40g light module be passed?

A4: Single -mode 40G QSFP+ ER4 light module can pass 40 kilometers long.

Q5: Can 40g light modules be transmitted by single multi -mode fiber?

A5: 40G QSFP+ LX4 optical module supports the use of multi -mode OM3/OM4 fiber jump transmission, which can reach up to 150 meters. It also supports the application of single -mode OS2 fiber optic jump transmission, up to 2 kilometers. Its interface type is dual LC, the wavelength is 1271, 1291, 1311, 1331nm. Using LX4 can adapt to a more flexible wiring of the data center.

Q6: What are the solutions for 40G multi -mode transmission?

A6: 40G SR4 needs to be transmitted with at least 8 -core multi -mode OM3 optical fiber, so the cost of data center optical fiber wiring is increased. 40G BIDI optical module, 40G SWDM4 light module, they are all multi -module modules, and the interface types are dual LC. Only 2 -core multi -mode OM3/OM4 optical fiber can achieve 40G rate transmission.

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