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400G optical module package type.hpe optical transceiver wholesaler
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400G optical module package type.hpe optical transceiver wholesaler

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4Port EPON OLT with reset botton

At present, the main packaging forms of 400G optical modules include CDFP, CFP8, QSFP-DD and OSFP.

CDFP is the first 400G optical module, which has reached version 3.0 since 2014.

CFP8 is an extension of CFP4. The number of channels increases to 8, and the size increases accordingly. The marketing and application of 400G products should be completed quickly with 16 25G parallel signals.

QSFP-DD is compatible with the previous QSFP-28. It is a popular type at present, with the smallest size and high density. QSFP-DD is more suitable for short distance data centers.

OSFP is a new 400G optical module type, much smaller than CFP8, but slightly larger than QSFP-DD. It has eight high-speed electrical channels, and still supports 32 OSFP ports on each 1U front panel. 12.8 Tbps can be enabled per 1U. It has an integrated radiator, which can greatly improve the heat dissipation performance, and can realize modules of up to 15W power in the switch box with traditional airflow.

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