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400G optical module QSFP-DD package type introduction.mini gpon olt price
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400G optical module QSFP-DD package type introduction.mini gpon olt price

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GPON OLT Module (GPON Class C++)

Since 2019, 400G has become a hot topic in the optical communication industry. Several leading global optical module manufacturers have launched their own 400G optical modules and most of them have adopted QSFP-DD packaging.

As early as March 21, 2016, the QSFP-DD MSA team began to plan to develop the QSFP-DD high-speed interface. After solving a series of problems such as specification formulation, the QSFP-DD MSA team finally released version 4.0 of the QSFP-DD hardware specification and version 3.0 of the general management interface specification for 8/16 channel pluggable optical modules on September 18, 2018. Therefore, the QSFP-DD MSA is relatively complete now. Now we will introduce what QSFP-DD packaging is.

QSFP-DD is a dual density four channel small pluggable package. It is a high-speed pluggable module package defined by QSFP-DD MSA team. As the first choice for 400G optical module package, it enables the data center to effectively grow and expand cloud capacity as needed.

400G QSFP-DD package adopts 8-channel electrical interface, with the rate of each channel up to 25Gb/s (NRZ modulation) or 50Gb/s (PAM4 modulation), providing a solution up to 200Gb/s or 400Gb/s aggregation. QSFP-DD can achieve up to 14.4Tb/s of aggregate bandwidth in a single switch slot. The bandwidth of QSFP-DD can be up to ten times of QSFP+or four times of QSFP28.

QSFP-DD can not only achieve QSFP forward and backward compatibility, but also be compatible with existing QSFP28 optical modules and AOC/DAC. QSFP-DD and QSFP+/QSFP28 have the same port density.

These are the advantages of QSFP-DD encapsulation. It has incomparable advantages in the 400G data center interconnection scenario. It is expected that the world's leading large-scale data center will soon deploy 400G, and QSFP-DD may become mainstream packaging.

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