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25G module market.1.25g 1310nm smf sfp module
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25G module market.1.25g 1310nm smf sfp module

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25G SFP+ ER is a format -based packaging form, supports 25G Ethernet standard, can provide 25GB/s non -error code transmission, and can be used in high -density 25G Ethernet switches and network interface devices. The optical fiber transmission distance can reach a 40km optical collection integrated module.

The main technical innovation points are:

1) High -speed: 25G SFP+products, which is a great rate improvement on the basis of 10G SFP+products.

2) Long transmission distance: 25G 40km is an unprecedented challenge facing, and it is also an opportunity in the field of light communication.

3) Integrated design: Putting all chips on a PCB, high integration, dense device, simple space structure, which is conducive to heat dissipation design.

4) Based on theory: adopt Si simulation technology, based on theory, combined with existing technology platforms to improve research and development efficiency and reduce costs.

Direction of development:

※ One of the direction of development: high rate

※ Two of the direction of development: long distance

※ The direction of development three: hot plug plug

※ Fourth direction of development: low power consumption

※ Fifth direction of development: low cost

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