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25G Server Network Card Optical Module Solution
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25G Server Network Card Optical Module Solution

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Generally, the network card is installed on the computer or server to communicate with another computer, server or other network devices through the network. We can divide the network card into computer network card and server network card according to the different application fields of the network card. Generally, the computer can use one network card, but for the server, it needs to use multiple network cards to handle more network traffic. Generally, the computer network card has only one network interface, while the server network card has multiple network interfaces, such as dual port and four port.

The network card can also be divided into wired network card and wireless network card. The wireless network card uses wireless technology to access the network, while the wired network card needs to use DAC high-speed cable or AOC active optical cable or optical module with optical jumper for connection. Now we will focus on the 25G server network card and connection scheme.

25G server network card, also known as optical network card, is a printed circuit board that can provide network communication functions for computers. It is usually used as a separate network adapter and inserted into the motherboard slot of the server. The side panel of the 25G optical network card has ports, which are mainly used to insert optical modules to connect switches. Generally, the 25G optical network card has one port, but there are also 25G optical network cards with two or more ports.

As we all know, 40G is in the network transition period. Because the bandwidth of 40G optical network card is too large for the server and the cost is high, 25G optical network card is more in line with the requirements of the server than 40G optical network card.

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