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200G optical module, this article is enough!
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200G optical module, this article is enough!

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With the development of the data center interconnection market, the low-speed optical modules of the core network and data center are gradually phased out, and the main change is from 10G, 40G to higher 100G, 200G, 400G and even 800G. 200G QSFP56 optical module and 200G QSFP-DD optical module are two mainstream solutions for 200G optical interconnection. This article, ETU-LINK, focuses on 200G optical modules, and let's learn and discuss with you!

QSFP stands for Quad Small Form-Factor Pluggable, which refers to a four-channel small hot-pluggable interface. Compared with SFP optical modules, QSFP optical modules have higher bandwidth. The 40G QSFP+ optical modules and 100G QSFP28 optical modules developed on the basis of the QSFP package are widely used in the deployment of high-density data center networks. Package types are also emerging in more form factors, such as 200G QSFP56 and 400G QSFP56-DD.

The 200G QSFP56 optical module is an upgraded version of the 40G QSFP+ and 100G QSFP28 optical modules. It is an optical module specially designed for 200G Ethernet interconnection. According to different transmission distances, 200G QSFP56 optical modules can be divided into QSFP56 CR, SR, DR, FR, LR, which can realize transmission of different distances on single-mode and multi-mode fibers. QSFP56 optical module, that is, a four-channel hot-swappable optical module, can support 4x50G transmission, so as to achieve a transmission rate of 200G. Using PAM4 modulation technology, it can transmit more data on the existing optical fiber, which is suitable for ultra-large scale. data center network.

The "DD" in the 200G QSFP-DD optical module refers to double density, that is to say, the number of channels has changed from 4 to 8. It adopts a hot-swappable QSFP-DD package and is forward and backward compatible with QSFP. , Compatible with QSFP28 optical modules and AOC/DAC high-speed cables, etc.

The 200G QSFP-DD SR8 optical module is an 8-channel full-duplex high-performance optical module. Each channel operates at a rate of 25.78Gbps. The transmission distance is 70m when used with OM3 optical fiber, and the transmission distance when used with OM4 optical fiber patch cord is 100m for short-range multi-channel data communication and interconnection applications.

The 200G QSFP-DD PSM8 optical module is a high-speed product of single-mode parallel technology. It adopts a parallel scheme of 8 channels of 1310nm single-mode fibers, and the transmission distance can reach 10km.

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