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200G QSFP56 ER4 light module.hpe optical transceiver
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200G QSFP56 ER4 light module.hpe optical transceiver

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Product Features

The 200G QSFP56 ER4 light module is the 4 -channel full dual -work and receiving integrated module. It uses QSFP56 to be hot and unplugged. The dual LC interface is used. The working wavelength is LDWM4. And LWDM4 technology, in line with IEEE 802.3BS 200GBASE-ER4 Ethernet transmission protocol, comply with ROHS environmental protection standards (lead).

Application scenarios

200G QSFP56 ER4 light module adopts the mainstream market 4 WDM optical engine architecture, integrates the 4 -way cooling EML laser and APD light detector, supports 200GE rate (4x53 GBPS) and OTN standards. Modern fiber (SMF) can achieve a maximum transmission distance of 40km, and adapts to the 200G city DCI long -distance interconnection and 5G transmission.

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