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10g SFP+to SFP+DAC.1.29g bidi sfp module Vendor
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10g SFP+to SFP+DAC.1.29g bidi sfp module Vendor

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Advantages: DAC is suitable for interconnection between equipment in the cabinet. In the data center, copper cables are usually used to connect servers and Storage area network. The most commonly used is direct connected copper cable (DAC), with passive copper cable being particularly popular. Due to its low price and fast transmission speed, passive copper cables have become the best solution for short distance transmission.

Disadvantages: It can only be interconnected within the cabinet, resulting in high copper cable losses and easy interference of copper wires.

Option 3 can be considered when the network space is>15m and less than 200m:

10g SFP+to SFP+AOC

Advantages: AOC is suitable for interconnection between cabinets

Disadvantage: AOC=two optical transceivers+fiber optic jumpers, which is expensive.

Where there are advantages, there are disadvantages. If one side of the 10G DAC and 10G AOC is disconnected, the entire circuit will be scrapped. If there is a problem with the Optical module, it can still be used after replacement.

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