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10G SFP+ DAC cable knowledge sharing
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10G SFP+ DAC cable knowledge sharing

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In recent years, customers have more and more flexible and scalable I / O solutions to meet the strict requirements of different deployments.

10G SFP + DAC cable meets the demand for the current data center environment.

Moreover, prices, performance and flexibility make 10G SFP +cables a attractive choice for data centers.

DAC means a straight cable.

The 10G SFP + DAC cable is based on the SFP + MSA (multi -source protocol). The cheap dual -core copper cable component is used. Both ends with copper interconnection with SFP + connectors.

It has the advantages of low power consumption, low cost and low latency.

What are the types of 1.10G SFP + DAC cable?

10G SFP + DAC cables use 10G cables as active or passive dual -core cable components, and are directly connected to the SFP shell.

10G SFP +active cables use silicon chip to improve the performance of the cable. Without a chip, the cable is considered a "passive" cable.

DAC cables with a length of 5 meters are passive, while cables with a length of more than 5 meters are active.

3.10G SFP + DAC cable transmission VS SFP + light module solution?

10G SFP + DAC cable solution: The distance between the two devices is less than 15m. You can choose a competitive price and high -speed solution.

Compared with the 10G SFP +light module solution, cost savings.

Light module solution: Considering the replacement of the product, if one end is damaged, the other side can also be used, which will not affect your work efficiency so much.

It is more flexible than the DAC cable solution. If one day you want to increase the distance, you don't need to buy a light module.

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